Why can I not create an application?

If you are unable to create an application, it may be because the application period has not opened yet, the application requires enhanced login, or you are not logged in with an account.

Has the application period not opened yet? 

  1. Under the "Drafts" tab, check if there is a button stating "Start a new application". If the button is missing, the application period has not yet opened or you have not logged in with an account (continue reading here).
  2. Click the arrow next to "Start a new application" and check that the application you are looking for is displayed. 
  3. If it is not, the organization has not opened the application yet. Visit the organisation's website or contact them directly for more information.

Does the application require enhanced login?

In some cases, an organisation requires you to log in with enhanced authentication, typically using BankID. The reason for this could be that the specific application form requires strong identification of you as the applicant or that the organisation you are applying to generally has increased identification requirements.

  1. Under the "Drafts" tab, click on "Create new application" (if you ca not see the tab, continue reading here).
  2. Check if a symbol in the form of a padlock is displayed next to the type of application you are looking for.
  3. Follow these instructions to prepare your account and log in with enhanced authentication.

Are you not logged in with an account?

My Page has two different login modes – one for those who have registered an account and one for those who have been invited to view or sign documents, known as Pseudo Users. As a Pseudo User, you are logged in with limited functionalities and are not offered the ability to create and submit applications.

To find out if you are logged in with an account, simply check if you see the tabs Drafts, Returned, Submitted, Requisitions, Messages, Reports, and Requests. If you only see the Request tab, you are logged in as a Pseudo User and can only view and sign documents. Follow these instructions to create and log in with an account.